Talib Al-Zhairi (Aka as Toxic talib) is the third boss in frontline commando. He is a cruel people who tested effects of biological weapons on Bhakarani people. He is described as a spineless puppet, with lacks of size and military tatics, so he fight dirty.

In combat he is a heavy armored soldier with heavy machine gun and he can also launch grenades. 


Strategy Edit

He spawn at the beggining of the mission . He is extremly resisten, he can launche grenade and he have a machine gun, making him a incredible strong boss. There are 3 easy ways to kill him.

1) shot to the head : use a sniper rifle and shot him right in the head. Altrough the resistance a headshot with a sniper rifle can make him lose healt. You can also shot him in the legs which is another weak point.

2) Launchers : use a launcher and shot him right in the chest or the head. Few hits from a low tier grenade launchers can kill him quickly.

3) use airstrikes : if you have troubles with the first two methods use this as a final stand. More effective if call airstrikes when he is in the center of the map.

Hints : Try to kill him in the first wave cause the last wave have many enemies and make the mission more difficult.