Malik Abdullah Shabazz is the fourth boss in frontline commando. Shabazz is the Bhakarani government's aeronautical engineer. 

He fight in a helicopter.


Strategy Edit

Shabazz compared with the previous bosses is extremly dsngerous and deadly. There are only two good tecnique to shot him down. Use a launcher or shot at the rotor. Helicopters are strong enemies, first of all they fly so they are invulnerable to airstrikes, don'w waste them thinking to take them down.

As a fly enemies shotguns are useless against them. 

Machine gun of the helicopter is extremly strong and fire a lot before stop for cool down, the machine gun can drain the health very quickly. Rockets from helicopters are the most dangerous weapons, they can kill you even if you are full healt ( without armor ). 

Try to shot down with launcers such the green reaper because the fire linear. If you use an assault rifle or a sniper rifle you beter use a 2,5 o 3 tier weapons. Weak point of helicopters is that in some points of the map they can't hit you in some positions. So caught the moment to shot them.