Saboor Al-Amin is the sixth boss in frontline commando. He is a well know soldier who kidnapp children and train them to figh for him. He has a little army of childrens.

In combat he fight in a convoy of light technicals jeep. It don't know ;

1) If he is the gunner or the driver

2) In which technical he is.


Strategy Edit

The objective of the mission is to kill everybody including Saboor. Every wave one technical will enter in the battlefield from the right corner of the map and try to flee to the left corner. Easiest tactic is to shot the driver's head with a sniper rifle so with the driver dead the jeep will blown few moments later. 

Another tactic is shot first the gunner , clean some enemy troops then shot the driver or shot the technical till explosion of the vehicle.

There is a total of 4 light technical vehicles. If only one will leave the battle the mission will fail.