Republican Army-Rebel Conflict
Vital statistics
Participants Republican Army, Eclipse Corporation, Rebel forces, Soldnet,Commander Forces
Date Near future
Location Jevesaro
The conflict is an armed conflict that had happened during the events Frontline Commando 2 in a fictional place named Jevesaro.Tha Invasion of Jevesaro done by the Rebel Forces with the help of Soldnet was proven victorious,but was soon cut short when Eclipse Corporation and the Republican Army liberate Jevesaro.Eventhough the gameplay shows that skirmishes was done by the unknown commander and his squad,It was mentioned that a battle was going on at other parts of Jevesaro.

Background: The Republican Army-Rebel conflict first started when the Rebel army started their rebellion in a certain year in the near future.Ever since then the Republican Army started engaging in the conflict against the Rebel forces,but they seem to be struggling with the Rebel forces as they were being funded and also aided by the Soldnet leader General Rodriquez.This has caught the attention of Eclipse Corporation and they had intervened in the battle after they were called to help.That is when the commander and his team were placed in a test to fight the Rebel and Soldnet forces.