Rakim Khan is the fifteenth and seventeent boss in frontline commando. He is a dictator wanted for crimes against the bhakarani peoples. He is son of Yusef Khan. Altrough his father always threatened to star a nuclear war he don't think twice to do it. In the first battle on level 15 he fight in a helicopter along another one , and huge waves of enemies. In the final battle he fight in a helicopter along a tank.



Level 15 strategy Edit

In the level 15 boss battle he appear in the final wave after huge waves of infantry, machine gunners, snipers , launchers and techical vehicles. He spawn along another helicopter ( He is the right helicopter ). Keep in mind that you can end the battle by taking out only the right one so don't forget which is the right one. Battle is very hard. If you have the gravedigger you can shot him when he spawn and if you time it correctly you can kill him without die.

It don't know how he survived the battle.


Level 17 Strategy Edit

On level 17 he spawn in the final wave alongside a tank. This is strangely more easy then the level 15, cause there are few enemies and replacing the second helicopter there is a tank (which is very slow to take fire). As the first battle against him you can end the battle by destroying only the helicopter.