Rahib Al-Kaasan is a former general with ties to the Khan Family. He is the first boss in Frontline comando. He have the texture of a custom soldier .

Rahib al-kasaan


In combat, he is a soldier with an extra amount of health, throws grenades, altrough he can  be defeated easily with few shots in the head. Killing him will make you earn 3 glu coins. 


He is very easy to kill , the best method to kill him is shot him in the head, possibly with sniper rifles so he can die in one hit. He fight with others enemies of low tier. He usually throw grenades so you must dodge it when you see grenade allarm. 


Trivia Edit

  • Rahib have a unique texture that share only with Amir Tarek.
  • He can launch grenades like grenadiers , but he can shoot at difference of them.
  • In one man army at the first final waves on Bindad and Ashamto iron there is a soldiers resembling him.