This is a method for how to do better and level up quicker to gain more weapons and squadmates

  1. Complete the tutorial
  2. Keep playing the game until you reach the second boss (the helicopter VTOL)
  3. Try to make at least 7,000 war cash if you do not have that much by the time you reach the boss go back and replay missions
  4. Buy the Grinder machine gun
  5. Now go back to the level: Power Point use only the Grinder to get Brawl as you squadmate (he is a machine gunner)
  6. Now play the level: Compass Point wait for the truck to arrive and destroy it you will get another squadmate-Storm (he is a sniper)
  7. Now just simply continue going through the game, due to the power of the Grinder it is easy to defeat enemies however the weapon would become less effective during the last level of episode 3