This is the annihilation method. It was made by me Donttreadoneme50 the purpose of this method is to get the best guns and squadmates the game has to offer. It can be followed after the Headstart method but doesn't need to be.

  1. Keep playing on through the game until you reach boss 3 (the tank) You will have to destroy this tank in order to move on and progress so i recommend using grenades and rockets (the game gifts you two rockets and three grenades)
  2. Now get the Advanced assault rifle for 6,000 war cash and keep using until it becomes less effective
  3. Than buy the Sure-Shot sniper rifle, it is 7,000 war cash and equip this in place of the Grinder maching gun or a basic weapon
  4. Keep progressing on until you reach level 10 here you will need to be patient
  5. Now you have to earn 20,000 war cash and devote it to the X-Spray a good way to do this is to not spend any money or spend small amounts trying to train squadmates and upgrading weapons. Go back and replay mission try to 3 star them.
  6. When you have the X-Spray you must level up to 14 in order to buy the Peacemaker for 16,000 war cash
  7. Equip the Peacemaker and the X-Spray in both of your slots
  8. Now you mst once again farm in order to get the Machine which costs 56,000 war cash so expect to replay mission a lot.
  9. Finally if you obtain the Machine you should go back to episode 4 and obtain the required weapons and play the mission-Brass Handle- this mission would be difficult to complete without the Machine cause it requires a x5 multikill in order to gain Mad dog. On the bright side Mad Dog is a very powerfull squadmate and is better than most assault members and his name is beast
  10. Try to have at least one sniper and machine gunner in your squad cause they have the best offense and deffense.
  11. Try to fully upgarde or nearly fully upgrade your squad as they will come in handy
  12. Optional: Go into PVP and fight you should be pretty much undefeatable unless the enemy has a Sabotage or is a much higher level then you
  13. All non-glu credits weapons should be acheivable if you run that class such as the Wrecker