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Frontline Commando 2 is the sequel to Frontline Commando developed by Glu Games. It is a freemium game, and uses in app purchases. The game is a shooter that involves online pvp and campaign and uses two virtual currencies: Cash and Gold.


Similar to Frontline Commando, Frontline Commando uses different buttons on the touch pad to move around, shoot, call air strikes, etc. 

What is new to the game is squads and new weapons. On the bottom right is where the fire button is located. The air strike, med pack, and other special abilities have been relocated to the bottom of the screen. The player's health is still located on the top left. 
  • Upgrading a weapon in the in-game store.
  • Gameplay with the virtual buttons.
  • The player takes cover in a timed mission.

One new ability in the game is owning a squad. A player can earn squadmates from missions, or find them in a rare crate. During the battle, a player can command his or her squad to fire rockets, launch drones, heal the entire living squad, or throw a grenade. The player has a limited supply of rockets, drones, medpacks, and grenades, but they can be bought in the virtual store for ingame gold, earned in missions, or obtained with crates.

In player versus player(or pvp) mode, players can attack other players while they are offline. When attacking, the defending player and his or her squad is controlled by the computer. The defending player can fire as many rockets, drones, and grenades as the AI wants without depleting the defending player's current supply. The defending player and his or her's squad only has to defeat the attack player to win, but the attacking player has to defeat the defending players entire squad.


You and your mercenary squad are hired by an organization called Eclipse. Previously you worked with a person named Roidger(not Rodgers). Eclipse pays you and your squad to defend their complexes and attack their enemies. Defeating several bosses, you find out that Roidger has betrayed Eclipse and other merc squads attack you. Eventually, you will defeat all bosses and levels.


Frontline Commando 2 - iPhone iPod Touch iPad - Gameplay HD

Frontline Commando 2 - iPhone iPod Touch iPad - Gameplay HD