Frontline Commando is a third person shooter game for IOS and Android. The player plays as the Frontline
Commando, a soldier that was part of a squadron that was wiped out by a dictator named Khan.


In the game, the player uses virtual buttons on the screen to do actions such as fire a weapon, change weapon, reload weapon, take cover, call an air strike, etc. To aim, the player touches and moves his or her finger to aim or look at enemies. During combat, the player can only move side to side via buttons. The game mostly revolves around gameplay rather than story, as it has only one cutscene.


Frontline Commando loading Screen

After almost getting killed by Khan, Private Rodgers (the Frontline Commando) is sent on various missions by the US Army to rescue civilians and kill enemy forces. After killing many of Khan's men, Rodgers fights Khan at his palace and destorys his helicopter, ending the threat.


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