Arman Raji is the fifth boss in frontline commando. He is a former Bhakarani actor , that use his abilites as a actor to become a spy. He have informations of american secret agents and .

He have a custom skin of a old man , that he don't share with any other character of the game.


Strategy Edit

As a spy enemy Arman try to run away from the battle. After some waves of enemies , Arman will spawn from the left of the map and he try to leave the battle going to the right of the map. When escaping he will take cover sometimes behind some cover points. Then he get up and run , he have more healt then a normale enemy so it's beter shot him in the head .

Becareful when he is close to the right corner of the map ( Spawn of the vehicles ) , if he leave the battlefield the mission is failed. 

It's beter to kill some enemies first , such as heavy gunners , then shot to Arman.