Ali Sayid is the sixteenth boss in frontline commando. He is a general of Khan's army. Probably the responsable of the death of Sgt. Crosby. 

In combat he fight in a tank so it's very hard to kill him. He is the first boss to be a tank.


Strategy Edit

Ali Sayid as a tank enemy is invulnerable to normal weapons such shotguns , sniper rifles and assault rifles. Only weapons that can damage him are launcher or the airstrike ( 3/4 airstrike needed ).

It's very tought and can resist about 2 hits from the Obliterdeath, if you want use another launcher keep in mind you need to hit him many times before killing him.

Advantage is that there aren't any enemies in the bosse wave .

The tank is slow to aim the player and his missilie is slow to reach the player , altrough it can insta kill. So becarefull.